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To print a status page (with printer attached): Power on, then press and release Test button.
To print a status page (with Plotter attached): Power on, then press and hold test button 5 seconds (until Status LED starts flashing), then release Test button.

To reset NOVRAM to factory defaults: Unplug unit, press and hold Test button for 2 seconds while replugging DC power cord into interface unit.

LED Indications:

JD State Status Activity Fault Indication
--------- ------ -------- ----- ----------------------------------------------
Power On On Off Off At least one protocol is active,
                                            although unit might not be configured
" " ON Blinking Off Unit receiving network activity
" " Off Off Off Power fault (no power)
" " Off Off On Fault in Self-test or during operation
" " Slow Off Off Unit is a. Not configured
              Blink b. Not able to reach network
                                                    c. Running self test
Test button pressed for <3 seconds
              On Off Off Unit will send PCL formatted status page
                                            to printer
Test button pressed for >5 seconds
              Fast Off Off Unit will send HP-GL/2 formatted status page
              Blink to plotter

Chris, what OS are you using with the JDEX? The manual mentions IP address only with UNIX. Run hpnpcfg to create the BOOTP configuration files, specifying the IP address. The configuration info is downloaded from BOOTP each time the JDEX is powered on.


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>I don't have the manual, but I thought you had to hold the
>TEST button down for ten seconds while powering up the

I've tried a number of different lengths of time in holding the test
button. Its possible that it is in fact resetting, but I see no visual
indication of it, so I can't tell.

If it is resetting, it still isn't taking a BootP assigned IP, and is
erroring out when I connect it to the network. If it was one unit, I
would assume its broken... but two units doing the exact same thing, I
think I am doing something wrong, and I hope a manual may tell me what
that is.

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