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All commands are 2 letters (ASCII). They may be upper or lower case

All commands must be terminated by a colon, or carriage return, or line
feed character

Following a Text (TX) command, the 1350 must receice an ASCII ETX (3 in
base 10 = End of Text) character in order to exit text mode. A : (or CR,
LF) is then required to temrinate the TX command

If numeric paramters follow a command :
  The first value (1 to 4 digits) must be followed by a comma (This
  applies to single-parameter commands too -- ARD)

  In the case of a plot absolute (PA) command, the X value must be
  followed by a comma, and the Y value must be vollowd by a semicolon

  Several vectors may be drawn by one PA command before termination by a

> 3. A HPIB bus controller driver problem.
> I'm using the HP 12821A interface to drive the HPIB bus. Normally this
> is a 'high-speed' bus interface used for ICD or CS/80
> disks on HP 1000 systems. A very different bus interface, the 59310B is
> used for instrument control, and it lacks the FIFO buffering of the
> 12821A.

I wonder if there's a timing problem here. The 1350 is a fairly early
HPIB device and may confuse some controllers (I can't say that it does,
just that I've had non-HP IEEE-488 devices that do this). Maybe it would
work with the right interface.

> If anyone can make a photocopy or a scan of the 59310 BUS I/O manual
> available, its greatly needed!

Sorry, I don't have any HP1000 docs :-(

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