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Date: Sun Feb 27 13:35:59 2005

market for that particular item is red hot (doesnt matter if its a computer,
stamp, coin, baseball card etc).
Most people who collect vintage equipment either specialize in a few
architectures or want 1 of everything ever made. The ones who specialize
would probably give you a good dollar for something they need but you have
to get the list out to the places they feed (here, forsale newsgroups, find
a site that lists that particular series in their collection and email
them). The other group looks for free stuff or "firesales" to add to their
collection and dont generally give much money for the equipment.

If your really in a hurry the best bet it to catalog what you have including
condition and model numbers and post if to the places I said above and wait
a few days for offers. After that list whats left on EBAY.

If you have anything gaming related (atari/c64/amiga/IIgs/ST/games etc) let
me know. I am looking for a replacement monitor for my Tandy 100 HX ( CGA)
and cheap computer games complete in box.
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