[OT] USB KVM switches

From: Eric Smith <eric_at_brouhaha.com>
Date: Tue Feb 1 02:07:12 2005

I wrote:
> And I sure wish I could find some *reliable* USB KVM switches. Ideally
> without spending an arm and a leg, but given that the inexpensive ones
> are terrible, maybe I'd be willing to spend real money for one that
> actually works.

Teo wrote:
> I have 3 different KVM's here. A SOHO 4 port PS/2 + USB used mostly for my
> gaming PC's (since it switches sound also),

Belkin Omniview SOHO F1DS104T? That's the exact Belkin model I have that
tends to forget when shift or control are held down. :-(

I'm using it with one PC running Linux, and one Mac running OS X. Using
it with a Mac is the only thing even slightly unusual about the setup,
but Belkin claims that it works with Macs (and with Linux on PCs).
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