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From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Tue Feb 1 08:50:42 2005

>>>>> "Roger" == Roger Merchberger <> writes:

 Roger> Over on the Model 100 list, a listmember there was able to get
 Roger> the book 'Thinking Forth' republished in PDF format through
 Roger> it's author, Leo Brodie.

That's a nice book, an excellent intro to Forth.

To dig deeper, there is the Forth-83 standard.

 Roger> Now I just have to get a Forth interpreter/compiler for the
 Roger> M100...

Don't know about the M100, but some years ago I looked at FigForth (by
the Forth Interest Group) -- I think for x86. Nice implementation,
looked to be quite easily portable to other platforms.

There's also ColorForth, a more recent creation by Charles Moore I
believe. Unfortunately it won't boot on my old Dell laptop...

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