Forth was Re: The definition of On Topic

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Tue Feb 1 18:12:01 2005

> Don't know about the M100, but some years ago I looked at FigForth (by

Is there an M100 Forth? If so, is it (legally) available on-line anywhere?

> the Forth Interest Group) -- I think for x86. Nice implementation,
> looked to be quite easily portable to other platforms.

FIG forth was available for just about every common CPU of the time. I've
seen it for the 8080, Z80 (much the same, but with Z80-specific
instructions), 6502, LSI11/PDP11. etc

IIRC those FIG listings were public domain. It suprises me that they're
not on-line anywhere, or at least not anywhere that I've managed to find.

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