[OT] USB KVM switches

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Date: Tue Feb 1 10:32:56 2005

I agree with the comment below... as I mentioned yesterday, those Raritan
stiches (and the Avocent ones too) are really known as the big boys in data
centers. No point in wasting money on el-cheapo stuff from CompUSA. I used
Raritan gear for about three years when I worked at TMC Labs. Five years
removed, my friend (who is the lab director there) tells me the switches still
work great. They're certainly not cheap but you get what you pay for.

> I recently spent the arm & leg on a Raritan 16-port MasterConsole II,
> and I wish I'd done it 4 years ago. The video is *much* cleaner, my
> mouse cursor is no longer 2 pixels off, and everything I've attached to
> it to date Just Works.
> Doc

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