Cheap GAL/PLD programmer

From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Tue Feb 1 17:10:02 2005

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> Does anyone have any recommendations for a cheap (even a kit)
> GAL/PLD programmer?

If you don't mind DIYing a programmer, there's the GALBlast (from
<>). Someone's also designed a
single-sided PCB that uses slightly less obscure parts - the ADC chip has
been replaced with a latch and an R-2R ladder, the switching regulator is
based around the MC34063 instead of the 78S40, and the 3V regulator has been
replaced with three diodes (though there's nothing stopping you fitting a
3.3V regulator if you want - take the GND supply off the 7805).
The PCB layout is available from
<>, and there's some info about
the GALblast on my site too (<>). Be
careful when you're soldering up the board - there are a lot of components
that are uncomfortably close together. Also bear in mind that the board I
made was drilled by hand, hence the naff hole alignment :-/

If you wanted a commercial programmer, it might be worth checking out some of
the Elnec (<>) programmers. I've got one of their PrEPROM-02aLV
EPROM/EEPROM/FLASH programmers, and it works great. Build quality is
excellent - Aries ZIF socket, high quality (friggin' heavy!) metal casing,
you get the idea.

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