does anybody remember who was building generic front panels.

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Wed Feb 2 08:12:02 2005

>>>>> "David" == David Kane <Kane> writes:

>> > a custom -8 or -11 FP, but the particular C&K switches I have
>> are > might narrow, narrower than the ones used on the FP6120, so
>> they will > look funny on a 19"-wide FP).
>> The switches do seem to be the hard part. Mostly the stuff that
>> is available is smaller then the old stuff.

 David> I wonder if it would be price prohibitive to get a replacement
 David> toggle, or resizing sheaf to glue over the existing paddle,
 David> made up for the standard C&K switched? Any one know anything
 David> about small volume plastic part manufacturing?

One approach might be to find the right metalworking fan, and make the
paddles out of metal (aluminum perhaps). Could be cast or machined.
Paint to match the color, if you want.

Alternatively, some plastics are machineable, Delrin for example.

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