does anybody remember who was building generic front panels.

From: William Maddox <>
Date: Wed Feb 2 18:06:45 2005

One can do small-volume plastic casting using
RTV silicone-rubber molds and chemically (rather
than thermally) setting resins like epoxy.
It seems to be a popular technique for model-making.
Particularly given that the PDP-8 switches were not
molded with great precision, I imagine that very
respectable copies could be produced. Search the web
for "moldmaking" and "casting".


--- Paul Koning <> wrote:

> One approach might be to find the right metalworking
> fan, and make the
> paddles out of metal (aluminum perhaps). Could be
> cast or machined.
> Paint to match the color, if you want.
> Alternatively, some plastics are machineable, Delrin
> for example.
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