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Date: Wed Feb 2 12:01:29 2005

I wouldn't trust those books. What do general-purpose collectors possibly know
about our hobby?

Mike Nadeau: it's time for an updated edition to "Collectible Microcomputers"

--- Keys <> wrote:

> While at Barnes & Noble the other day I found that collecting price guides
> are starting to list classic computers. In the COLLECTIBLES Price Guide
> 2005 by Judith Miller there were over 6 pages with photos and in Warman's
> Flea Market Price Guide 3rd Edition by Ellen T. Schroy there was a couple
> pages with photos. In the flea market guide it listed at Atari XL 800 with
> a value of $175, not sure were that price came from. I also found two
> books about classic gaming systems at the store. This is good but also bad
> in that it may take prices higher as people start to read these books and
> see some of the inflated prices.

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