New Find: AS400

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Wed Feb 2 18:44:50 2005

Hi, all,

Just picked up a new toy that's been waiting for me since before I
left for the Ice, an AS400 9404-F10... it seems to have the following
in it (from notes given to me by the previous owner)

2505 Multifunction card
2515 C20 Floating Point processor
4104 4MB Storage
4114 4MB Storage Expansion
6140 Twinax workstation controller
6152 Two line EIA 232/V.24 adapter (x2)

Disks (DASDI)

6100 315MB (x2)
6106 640MB

This thing apparently IPLs, but halts/checks when it can't find the
console terminal. The previous owner _had_ a proper terminal, but no
twinax cables. I happen to have a small box of twinax<->RJ11 adapters
salvaged from a place that left them behind when they closed doors (I
also got the Nevada Western patch panel for their back-room wiring
panel). Presumably, all I have to do is hook up the terminal and see
what it has to tell me.

So, given that this stuff is c. 1990, what OS am I likely to be
facing? I have lots of experience talking to IBM boxes over networks
(HASP, 3780, SNA...), but very little time in the seat in front of
the CPU, and what I do have is c. 1984 on a 4331 that was used for
little more than a loopback and network test box.

Any idea what I can do with this except heat the room?

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