Fire, Smoke, and Water....

From: David V. Corbin <>
Date: Wed Feb 2 18:45:20 2005

First the good news...No one was injured, and there is no significant damage
to the house........
Had a fire in the one of the work areas [garage] this afternoon. It could
have been much worse (and would have been in a few minutes with Tiki Torch
Fluid, Sterno and other materials in the fire zone...
Now the bad news.....
TU-56, RK-05 Drive, and ALL my PDP documentation is toast!
Believe it or not the part effecting me the most right now is the loss of
the original documentation, not just PDP-8 but also PDP-1, PDP-6 and (I
believe) some other early PDP family members.
Time to go cry.....
But before I go, if ANYONE has experience in dealing with insurance
adjustors [no, I had not yet gotten a rider for this specific equipment, it
was all aquired at the end of last year from rescues and purchases...]
please drop me a line.....
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