data I/O promlink 3.4 vs 6.1 oddity

From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Wed Feb 2 20:35:46 2005

        I don't know if this is significant, but...

        In the world of the UniSite, Absolute Binary format is #16. I seem to recall that format #10 is a different one in the binary realm.

        Might want to double-check...

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On 02-Feb-05 at 17:57 Jay West wrote:

>I've come across an oddity I can't explain.
>I read a prom on the data I/O 29B via promlink version 3.4 and have it
>the data to a file. The file size is 256 which makes sense for a MMI 6301
>I then switch to promlink v6.1, read the same chip, write to data file,
>the resulting file is 629 or somesuch.
>Doing a load file to ram and verifying the device against ram tests
>correctly, in both cases.
>I would normally think that perhaps I set the I/O format differently for
>each version of the software, but I didn't. It's (10) binary on each one.
>Can anyone offer an alternate explanation that I might look at?

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