data I/O promlink 3.4 vs 6.1 oddity

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Thu Feb 3 02:00:57 2005

On Feb 2 2005, 17:57, Jay West wrote:
> I've come across an oddity I can't explain.
> I read a prom on the data I/O 29B via promlink version 3.4 and have
it write
> the data to a file. The file size is 256 which makes sense for a MMI
6301 I
> think.

It's a 256 x 4 bit PROM, so it looks like the programer has done the
usual thing and stored each 4-bit word as a byte with 4 bits unused.

> I then switch to promlink v6.1, read the same chip, write to data
> file, and the resulting file is 629 or somesuch.

Maybe the later version has appended some extra information (or left
space for something of the sort)? You could easily compare the files
by inspection in hexedit or similar.

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