does anybody remember who was building generic front panels

From: woodelf <>
Date: Thu Feb 3 02:51:48 2005

Cini, Richard wrote:

>I eliminated both D-K and Mouser only because of cost. In total, my project
>requires 25 switches. Last time I checked, D-K was $5.42 each for one and
>$6.09 each for the other. Future-Active was $2.62 and $1.88, respectively.
>The savings was incentive enough to place orders from two vendors rather
>than only D-K (all of the other parts, except for the microcontroller, are
>available from D-K).
It is too bad that is not 25,000 switches you need, then you could order
just what you need from
the factory. Mouser does has some nice NKK paddle switches instock for
SPDT on-none-on for $4 each
and $5 for (on) off (on) on page 1032. But then what I like for
switches may not be what you want.
PS. Don't look at the on-line data sheet ... nobody stocks the rare
stuff. :(
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