does anybody remember who was building generic front

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Date: Thu Feb 3 01:30:01 2005

Nicely done Steve.
I have projects (HAM radio related) that uses the same method
you used to make the "switch bank"!
The shape of the paddle of the switches lend themselves very
good to some sort of cast to move over it makeing the paddle
equal wide as part of plastic that covers the switch behind it.
(don't know how to describe it in another way).
    True, the Front Panel Express software is not too difficult
to get going. They have some info on their site about lettering
and I felt that that would indeed be the toughest part to get
done right: you can see the holes, and check if they are at
the correct position (and their size), but the lettering result
can only be seen when the product is delivered. A pdp8/e console
has some quite small letters ...!

- Henk.

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> I used white LED's in my still not complete "Scelbi
> 2002" front panel at:
> The front panel uses frosted _white_ LED's. These are
> suprisingly hard to find and unless you shop carefully
> on eBay they cost a lot more.
> They look OK, but I considered pulse width modulation
> of the LED's so that their brightness ramp would
> emulate a lightbulb. This is fairly easy to do with a
> fast microcontroller like a Ubicom but it's a lot of
> I/O and wiring!
> The panel was made by Front Panel Express. The
> software is easy even for casual use - it required a
> minimal investment in time to get good enough with it.
> Absolutely first class, expensive, the results were
> worth it. I wish I would have thought more about the
> lettering before having them execute the design,
> though.
> The SPDT (unfortunately not DPDT) switches on this
> panel are the result of a one time buy, I wish I could
> get more, but they lent themselves to actually
> installing springs to turn them into momentary
> switches that click!
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