Getting an 11/03 running RT11

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Thu Feb 3 03:08:20 2005

Thanks to Megan's PDP11 field guide and Al's Bitsavers (and a lot of
luck), I've got a PDP 11/03 booting up into ODT. Sa-weet!

I've got an MDA MXV21 (a third party RXV21, i.e. RX02 controller) in
there. I just need to hook up some drives and I think I'm set. However,
to boot to the RX02's I need to either enter a bootstrap program or have
the CPU jump to the MXV21 boot loader. To do this, I believe I'm supposed
to jumper my M7270 (KDA11-HA) into Mode 2:

My board was jumpered with W5 disabled an W6 enabled, and so I was being
thrown into ODT. So I unjumpered W6 and jumpered W5, which I think is
then supposed to throw the system into the MXV21 boot loader at power up,
giving me a '$' prompt. That's the theory at least. I'm still getting
put into ODT (with the '_at_' prompt).

I could just as easily poke in the bootstrap code manually, as it's not
THAT many words long, but what a pain if I am going to be turning this
thing on and off many times.

What am I doing wrong? Does the MXV21 not have a bootstrap loader
on-board? I can't find any documentation online :(



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