Fire, Smoke, and Water....

From: Ashley Carder <>
Date: Thu Feb 3 08:01:36 2005

> First the good news...No one was injured, and there is no significant
> to the house........
> Had a fire in the one of the work areas [garage] this afternoon. It could
> have been much worse (and would have been in a few minutes with Tiki Torch
> Fluid, Sterno and other materials in the fire zone...
> Now the bad news.....
> TU-56, RK-05 Drive, and ALL my PDP documentation is toast!
> Believe it or not the part effecting me the most right now is the loss of
> the original documentation, not just PDP-8 but also PDP-1, PDP-6 and (I
> believe) some other early PDP family members.
> Time to go cry.....
> But before I go, if ANYONE has experience in dealing with insurance
> adjustors [no, I had not yet gotten a rider for this specific equipment,
> was all aquired at the end of last year from rescues and purchases...]
> please drop me a line.....
> David


I'm sorry to hear about your loss. Those were some good items that
were lost. How did the fire start? It wasn't from some old piece of
computer equipment malfunctioning, was it?

I don't have any experience with insurance adjusters on old computer
stuff. I suppose I should get all of my stuff cataloged and valued just
in case.

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