Intellec MDS questions

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Date: Thu Feb 3 13:29:34 2005

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>Paxton wrote:
>> The MDS 800 was the first development system It was a Multibus 1 backplane
>> and usually had a CPU card, memory card, a two disk floppy drive
>> controller, a HD controller (SMD most likely)
>The MDS 800 did NOT originally have a hard disk controller. That didn't
>appear until much later, well into the Series 2 era. Since the MDS 800
>used Multibus, the HDC was available as a retrofit. In my experience, it
>was *very* rare to find an MDS 800 with an HDC, or even with the
>double-density FDC.

  Dammed right! I've been looking for one for over ten years. I have the
drive but not the controller, docs or cables.

>> The MDS 225 is either a System 2 or 3 in the development system line.
>An "MDS 225" was specifically a Series II or a Series III, but I've
>forgotten which. If you upgraded a Series II to a Series III, the
>model number changed.

  Not according to any of the Intel info that I have. FWIW you add a RPB or
RPC board (and an updated version of ISIS) to a Series II machine and it
becomes a Series III. The RPB and RPB almost identical. They 8086 CPU
boards and are based on the standard Intel 86/30 Multibvus card. More
details about half way down the page at

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