Intellec MDS questions

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Date: Thu Feb 3 20:41:56 2005

On Thu, 3 Feb 2005, Joe R. wrote:

> >The MDS 800 did NOT originally have a hard disk controller. That didn't
> >appear until much later, well into the Series 2 era. Since the MDS 800
> >used Multibus, the HDC was available as a retrofit. In my experience, it
> >was *very* rare to find an MDS 800 with an HDC, or even with the
> >double-density FDC.
> Dammed right! I've been looking for one for over ten years. I have the
> drive but not the controller, docs or cables.

Hey Joe.

Along the way I picked up an MDS-225 with an additional Intel enclosure
housing an old 8" hard drive. I assume the CPU had the interface card,
and if I remember correctly the cable was attached to the drive unit. I
should also have the driver software. In fact, I was re-acquainted with
the disks I got from that haul yesterday as I was searching for an RT11
boot disk for my 11/03. I'm not sure what I have in the way of

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