More Info (was Re: HP 2100S microcode blanks?) MMI 63S140

From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Fri Feb 4 00:11:39 2005

Hi, gang,

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On 03-Feb-05 at 21:42 Philip Freidin wrote:

>On Thu, 3 Feb 2005 19:29:33 -0600, you wrote:
>>So it thus appears the same chip (or compatibles after programming) can
>>used for all of the following:
>>HP 2100S microcode
>>HP 21MX-M/E/F loader roms
>>HP 21MX-M/E/F 1K microcode (but not 4K or 8K microcode chips of course)
>>Even finding 82S129's at 5 bucks a pop, still makes it painful for me to
>buy about 40 of them *sigh* I wonder if it's possible to move six 1K 82S129's
>>into an 8K chip (I think 82S181) without the processor knowing it. Might
>>make those Access IOP microcode chips more cost-effective.


        Curiousity: Is it not possible to replace the bipolar devices with something a little more modern, available, and less expensive?

        Case in point: Motorola made a radio several years ago (the MCX100 and the Syntor series) that depended on 82S131's for their program memory. When those chips started getting scarce, a company called Brinkley Electronics came out with a neat little widget that consists of a 28C16 EEPROM mounted on an adapter board to fit into a 16-pin DIP socket to make for a pin-to-pin replacement for the bipolar device.

        Granted, I have no idea if there are compatibility issues involved with circuitry other than that used in the MCX's and Syntors, but could not the same idea be applied to replace boot ROMs and such?

        Just wondering...

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