It's been a hell of a week!, er WEEKS, MONTHS! VERY OT

From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Fri Feb 4 00:12:37 2005

> The feds are worried about bombs, guidance, and their delivery system. I
> would say tech that allows delivering any type of bomb over distances
> (missile tech) these days is much more dangerous then the bomb itself.
> Unlike atomic bombs that are simple to design today (from books) but
> extremely hard to find the fissionable material for

This is a myth. "By the book", an atomic bomb is easy to make, but there
are a lot of factors that must be accounted for (that aren't in the
books) that are absolutely essential. If the basement bomb builder just
thinks that whacking two hunks of material together to get critical mass
is going to blow up the city, all he will end up doing is making a mess
out of his (parent's) basement.

William Donzelli
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