gcc and *BSD support of m88k CPUs

From: Steven M Jones <classiccmp_at_crash.com>
Date: Fri Feb 4 12:34:04 2005

Jules Richardson wrote in regarding gcc 2.x support for the Tek XD88
and Moto 88k family of processors...

This is problem (not sure how big, but...) for getting *BSD support
for m88k based systems like the DG AViiON or systems built around
the MVME boards from Moto. OpenBSD has m88k support, aided in part
by the fact that they've been sticking with an old version of gcc.
But this has been an issue for folks looking at porting NetBSD to
the AViiON.

A gent by the name of Miod Vallat has been working on toolchain
support for the 88k in gcc 3, but no idea what the current status
is other than I haven't seen an announcement that it's again a
supported processor family.

I'm sitting on a pile of AViiONs (need to lose some, I'll post
on that topic soon), a bunch of MVME boards and a Moto chassis,
a cute little ADP repackaging of the MVME187, and (drumroll pls)
a Luna 88k from CMU. 4-way m88k in a desktop formfactor. So, this
is a topic I check on from time to time... ;^)

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