Emacs genealogy

From: Steven M Jones <classiccmp_at_crash.com>
Date: Fri Feb 4 12:30:51 2005

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Unipress Emacs was a commercial packaging of Gosling Emacs, yes. I seem
to recall that at one of my early jobs we either had it, or handled the
licensing for it within a university. Nothing I'm keen on remembering.

I'd say the two big splits were the implementation of Emacs as a
standalone editor from TECO, and then the Gosling/GNU split. To a lesser
extent one might point to the GNU versus Lucid Emacs / XEmacs fork, but
I don't know how divergent they really were, or have remained. Important
to note that I think the Lucid Emacs fork is what pushed the FSF to get
real window system support into Emacs 19. (It was in by 19, yes? Maybe
not until 20, I didn't care that much.)

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