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From: Tom Jennings <tomj_at_wps.com>
Date: Fri Feb 4 13:51:00 2005

I'm surprised to see there is no match for 'teco' on freshmeat.
Has anyone ported it to unix or linux? I see little google
reference to it (and drowned in noise).

I never used actual teco, but I was reasonably proficient in
nspeed, Data General's work-alike. I have very little detailed
memory of it, though our (Ocean Research Equip, Falmouth MA) setup
had various useful commands stored in buffers. Control-B B was
one, it placed the current line on the ADM3's line 12, and showed
the 11 lines in the file before and the 12 after. (Like teco it
wasn't screen-driven, it was written for a teletype-like

Found this quote at http://museum.sysun.com/museum/rdosexper.html

NSPEED: This is the "Super Editor", a superset of EDIT. This
editor is extremely powerful but just as terse and hard to use as
EDIT, if not more so. Only experts need apply. The actual,
official DG documentation for the AOS/VS version of this editor
has as a part of its introduction the statement (a direct quote):
"You may at first think SPEED was designed by a madman as an
instrument of torture. With patience and practice, your
frustrations will turn into an understanding of SPEED's
psychology...SPEED was designed for the expert -- one who makes
few mistakes...Therefore, SPEED is compact and unforgiving".

I wasn't an expert though, I simply had no choice, that was the
editor in use there.
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