[OT] Collecting (was RE: It's been a hell of a week)

From: Ashley Carder <wacarder_at_usit.net>
Date: Fri Feb 4 15:07:44 2005

> > Excluding ex-wives....I really don't collect anything other than
> > computers......
> Got any hints on preservation techniques for those? Embalming?
> Taxidermy? I don't have any ex-wives, but it never hurts to be
> prepared.

I'm trying to keep my wife as well as my old computers. She
was having a difficult time with me building a special room for
the classic computer center, as well as the never ending stream
of boards, disks, tapes, manuals, BIG DRIVES, etc. that
come periodically via FedEx, UPS, etc.

I found a way to keep her quiet. She's been on a fitness kick
lately, so I set her up a workout center in the room next to my
computer room. She has an old TV with exercise videos, a PC
with her favorite old 60's and 70's rock music on it, a treadmill
that a female friend of mine gave to me, and a "stepper". She's
now happy to have her very own gym. I've started buying her
some exercise videos on ePay. She now looks forward to
seeing if there are any goodies in our package drop box, just
like I do after work.

I wonder how long this will work. Problem is that her tapes
cost a buck or two, but my old computer stuff is usually a
little more expensive, although I did pick up an LA36
DECwriter for $1 last week.

- Ashley
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