[OT] Collecting (was RE: It's been a hell of a week)

From: Roger Merchberger <zmerch_at_30below.com>
Date: Fri Feb 4 15:51:43 2005

Rumor has it that Ashley Carder may have mentioned these words:
> > > Excluding ex-wives....I really don't collect anything other than
> > > computers......
> >
> > Got any hints on preservation techniques for those? Embalming?
> > Taxidermy? I don't have any ex-wives, but it never hurts to be
> > prepared.
>I'm trying to keep my wife as well as my old computers.

Sounds familiar... :-/

>She was having a difficult time with me building a special room for
>the classic computer center, as well as the never ending stream
>of boards, disks, tapes, manuals, BIG DRIVES, etc. that
>come periodically via FedEx, UPS, etc.

She doesn't usually care about stuff like that...

My problem is she's even more of a packrat than I am -- and we have no
place to put it all. I've been slowly backing off my collection to make
room for our family, and until I prodded her, she had not. Still
have a long way to go, but...

(Oh, she doesn't give a rip about public humiliation, either... She's
accustomed to it not only on this list, but also on my weekly radio show...

>I found a way to keep her quiet. She's been on a fitness kick

So has she, but not for her -- for me. (This is something I cannot blame
her on -- at my max, I was 70 pounds heavier than when we started dating
(which was over a 50% increase)... and even assuming I'll never see 125
pounds or a 27" waist again, dropping *another* 30 pounds would definitely
be "a good thing."

Unforch, she won't give me the room to do the things I need to do for such,
and me being the info-geek I am, I won't start a project unless I can track
it's progress. To that end, I'm working on interfacing an old (I think
ontopic; it has no computers itself, but it was designed to interface to a
286-ish PeeCee) sensor system that interfaces to the RS232 port. The PC
software was rather like a game, but I'm just worried about counting reps &
timing stuff. Most of it's communication (I believe) is through the signal
lines (RI, CD, etc.) and my Model 100s don't monitor enough lines, so there
goes that idea. Now that I have my (obviously off-topic) USB->RS232 dongle
working under Linux on my tiny Fujitsu Lifebook, I need to see if I can get
enough working to do what I need under Python and the PySerial package...
Once that's set up, then I'll demand the space for my rowing machine.

>I wonder how long this will work. Problem is that her tapes
>cost a buck or two, but my old computer stuff is usually a
>little more expensive, although I did pick up an LA36
>DECwriter for $1 last week.

More of my computer knowledge has actually gone towards her hobbies than
mine lately -- without the commensurate rewards. Another sticking point of
our marriage... :-/ [[ That's why y'all didn't see much of me during
VCFEast 2.0... :-( ]]

(Hey -- I've been married over 10 years! And she married me because I'm a
geek! It's on-topic!!! ;-)

Well, she informed me I have to take a shower and get ready to go (to a
wake :-( ), so I must blast...

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