Missed eBay opportunity (argh!)

From: Eric F. <elf_at_ucsd.edu>
Date: Fri Feb 4 15:47:34 2005

Maybe some of you people can relate, or have had a similar experience...

I had the opportunity to snap this relic up, but didn't. And almost 24hrs
later, I'm still reeling inside for not having done so.

A nice MINIVAC, offered with (IMHO) a quite reasonable Buy-It-Now price,
was there for the taking. I just thought about it too long. And before I
knew it, someone else had grabbed it.

It looked to be in nice cosmetic condition, cum original user manuals, sans
the jumper wires:

eBay item #5162728080


Did I pass up a good deal?

Note to list members: if it was one of you folks who was the lucky winner,
I honestly feel you should hand it over to me, as I have forthwith decided
to exercise the Buy-it-Now option. :-)

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