Intellec MDS questions

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Fri Feb 4 20:41:46 2005

At 12:22 AM 2/4/05 -0800, Eric wrote:
>Joe wrote about floppy controllers in Intel MDS development systems:
>> I have never seen a SD drive controller in either a MDS-800 or a MDS-2xx
>> except for the controller that's built into the MDS-2xxs. I don't think
>> many people ever bought the SD setup.
>The SD (F) controller was common in the MDS-800, because the DD (M2FM)
>controller didn't exist when the majority of the MDS-800 systems were sold.

   I wouldn't call them "common". I have six or seven MDS-800s and none of
them have the SD controller. At least two of these came from the original
purchasers and they're still in the as delivered configuration. Also one of
them is a very early MDS-800 and it came with the DD controller. I know
know for sure but I suspect that Intel released the SD and DD controllers
at the same time and most people* simply went with the DD one.

  *Actually this might be quite true. Most of mine came from places like
Harris Corp and Martin Marietta and they usually buy well loaded systems.
If you're in an area that had a lot of small companies and you're getting
the MDSs from them they may have bought the cheapest system (SD) they could

   My 2 cents,
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