TRS-80 Model 100: Phone port pinout

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Fri Feb 4 21:22:28 2005

Rumor has it that Tom Owad may have mentioned these words:
> >Assuming you're wantign to direcectly connect it to a phone line, connect
> >the line between 3 and 7, the phone between 1 and 3. There was a socket
> >that shorted 1 and 7 that yuo connected in place of the M100 when the
> >latter was removed so you could still use the phone.
>Thanks. That's what I'm doing, and thanks also to Dave and Roger. 14
>AWG copper wire, btw, is a perfect fit.
>I'm also thinking about trying to hook it up to my cell phone using the
>acoustic coupler mic/speaker pins and the cell phone's 2.5mm headset
>connection. Anybody have any thoughts on that?

Personally, no -- my cell phone consists of pushing 7 buttons and I hope I
talk to someone. Digital's only been here 2 years, and that's just
re-encoded analog - i.e. no games, web, email, etc... just voice. (Not that
I give a rip about any of that other foolishness.)

However, over at -- one of the main proponents there -
John Hogerhuis -- has his cellphone hooked up via the RS-232 port, and is
getting ready to write an SMS app for the M100.

He already wrote DLPilot, a Tandy Portable Disk Drive emulator which runs
on most serial-based PalmOS devices. It's $$$ software for a year, then
he'll release it to freeware. My take: Give him the $$$.


There's been a few discussions WRT cellphone use on the Model 100 list -
archives are here:

click on the 'm100' link. -- The archives are 'subject text searchable' but
I don't have full-bore searching yet.

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