A new haul - questions on TA81 and TA78

From: Gooijen H <GOOI_at_oce.nl>
Date: Sat Feb 5 12:41:56 2005

I will be hiring a truck with a hydraulic tail gate (lift) to get
the goodies in my house: RK07, TU77, TA78, and a TA81.
I "prepared" the wife and did some cleaning out (disassemble a
500W HF shortwave linear in a 4 foot rack in the washing room).

Anyway, I have a few questions regarding the TA78 and the TA81.

The "TU81/TA81 and TU81 Plus Subsystem User's Guide" describes the
TU81 and the TA81. The TU81 has a LESI interface, and the TA81
interfaces through the HSC I/O controller (whatever that is...).
I don't have HSC (too new?), but loved to have a TU81 (Plus).
The manual says that both the TU81 and TA81 consist of two card
cages. Cage #1 holds the read/write/servo subsystem 3 cards).
Cage #2 holds the formatter (2 cards) and interface controller
(1 card). -- Is it possible to change the TA81 into a TU81?
Would it only require a change of the interface controller card?
The functional block diagrams (Figure 1-6) give me that impression.

Now the question on the TA78.
Edward looked into this beast for a short moment, and he noticed that
some flatcables come from the drive which go to a box. The flatcables
give the impression that those are a Pertec interface. In that case,
the box would be a converter between Pertec and Massbus?
Am I saying this correct, Edward?

Any tips on getting a TA81 connected to a PDP-11/44 (which has some
RA81/RA60 SDI drives connected to it) are very much appreciated!
The TA81 has connecting cables that *look like* SDI, but from the
User's Guide I understand that it is not SDI, but HSC ...?
I am totally unfamiliar with that stuff.

- Henk (with a sore back, but I'm OK)
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