A new haul - questions on TA81 and TA78

From: quapla_at_xs4all.nl <(quapla_at_xs4all.nl)>
Date: Sat Feb 5 14:21:57 2005

> Now the question on the TA78.
> Edward looked into this beast for a short moment, and he noticed that
> some flatcables come from the drive which go to a box. The flatcables
> give the impression that those are a Pertec interface. In that case,
> the box would be a converter between Pertec and Massbus?
> Am I saying this correct, Edward?
The TU77 has 3 50 wire flatcables running from the TM03 to 3 card edge
connectors of a card whihc is placed in a box with the text 'Pertec

The TA78 has a box, which runs 2 SDI like cables to the back, for external
connection, whereas the side of the box has 8 50 wire flatcable connectors,
and are tagged drv0 through drv3 per set of 2 connectors.
The 2 connected flatcables are running to what appears to be an identical
Pertec Electronics box, but these 2 cables connect not to the same card
edge connectors but to two other flatcable connectors which are at another
place on the same card.

As I have 2 TU-80's they use two 50 wire flatcables, and I am under the
impression that the drivelogic in the TU77 & TA78 uses standard Pertec
interfaces. If this is really the case, then the box in the TA78 could
also be used to drive another tapedrive like an F880 ot TU80

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