On-Topic -ish? MCA and OS/2 questions...

From: John Boffemmyer IV <john_boffemmyer_iv_at_boff-net.dhs.org>
Date: Sat Feb 5 09:27:41 2005

Looking at possibly tossing OS/2 on a PS/2 MCA machine I have (both over 10
years, discontinued and of interest, at least to me). The machine is a
model 8570 with an add-on scsi card to an external enclosure with 4gb of
storage (various size drives) and a 2x scsi cd-rom. this mca machine
however, only has 1.44mb floppy support and a built in esdi 60mb hard drive
(system doesn't want to work with the scsi, even when the esdi drive is
removed). the system has 6-8mb ram (not currently sure, didn't look last
time it was booted) and a 386dx 20 with a 16/4 db9 token ring nic and built
in xga video. was thinking either os/2 warp of some version or linux. any
ideas or suggestions as beating away at it alone seems to net me nothing
much lately?
-John Boffemmyer IV
ps: i ended up getting that uSpeed Fast88 thingy an a digital 4mb 32/36
dram module when i got the lot of stuff from vax9000, if anyone has a use
for it, email me off list and it's yours as i have no idea what the uSpeed
thing is for and do not own any digital equipment. if you want, i'll even
include the 802.11b wireless pcmcia nic he put in the lot as well. though,
i don't have the external antennas for it.

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