On-Topic -ish? MCA and OS/2 questions...

From: David V. Corbin <dvcorbin_at_optonline.net>
Date: Sat Feb 5 19:18:30 2005

I would go with OS/2. There are so many boxes running Linux....

[just my opinion of course.... I did a bunch of OS/2 work in the early to
mid 1990s']

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>>> Looking at possibly tossing OS/2 on a PS/2 MCA machine I
>>> have (both over 10 years, discontinued and of interest, at
>>> least to me). The machine is a model 8570 with an add-on
>>> scsi card to an external enclosure with 4gb of storage
>>> (various size drives) and a 2x scsi cd-rom. this mca
>>> machine however, only has 1.44mb floppy support and a built
>>> in esdi 60mb hard drive (system doesn't want to work with
>>> the scsi, even when the esdi drive is removed). the system
>>> has 6-8mb ram (not currently sure, didn't look last time it
>>> was booted) and a 386dx 20 with a 16/4 db9 token ring nic
>>> and built in xga video. was thinking either os/2 warp of
>>> some version or linux. any ideas or suggestions as beating
>>> away at it alone seems to net me nothing much lately?
>>> -John Boffemmyer IV
>>> ps: i ended up getting that uSpeed Fast88 thingy an a
>>> digital 4mb 32/36 dram module when i got the lot of stuff
>>> from vax9000, if anyone has a use for it, email me off list
>>> and it's yours as i have no idea what the uSpeed thing is
>>> for and do not own any digital equipment. if you want, i'll
>>> even include the 802.11b wireless pcmcia nic he put in the
>>> lot as well. though, i don't have the external antennas for it.
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