It's Baaack! The "complete"ly trashed out HP1000F

From: Jay West <>
Date: Sat Feb 5 17:19:19 2005

You wrote....
> For an F-series you really need 256K words or more.
> I don't think RTE-M supported the F series, but I suppose it could.
Why? That's like saying a PC requires 2gb because it's a PC. If you want to
run a serious RTE setup, I can certainly understand the memory requirements
you list. But TSB for example... 32KW is what the system processor needs,
less for the IOP depending on configuration, 16KW typical. None of the
standalone environments (BCS, Algol, DOS, etc) need anything like 256K.

> But a reasonable 21MX configuration should have at least 128 K words.
Again, depends on what you're doing!

Am I missing something?

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