It's Baaack! The "complete"ly trashed out HP1000F

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Sat Feb 5 17:37:24 2005

At 05:19 PM 2/5/05 -0600, Jay wrote:
>Bob wrote....
>> For an F-series you really need 256K words or more.
>> I don't think RTE-M supported the F series, but I suppose it could.
>Why? That's like saying a PC requires 2gb because it's a PC. If you want to
>run a serious RTE setup, I can certainly understand the memory requirements
>you list. But TSB for example... 32KW is what the system processor needs,
>less for the IOP depending on configuration, 16KW typical. None of the
>standalone environments (BCS, Algol, DOS, etc) need anything like 256K.
>> But a reasonable 21MX configuration should have at least 128 K words.
>Again, depends on what you're doing!
>Am I missing something?

   Yeap, at least 96k! :-)

   Joe (1MW)
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