Televideo Personal Terminal?

From: Rick Bensene <>
Date: Sun Feb 6 00:20:37 2005

I have one of these, but alas, it's all packed up right now, in storage,
while we're living in a motor home while a new home is being built (which,
is supposed
to be finished and turned over to us next Friday!). It's going to take
a month or so to dig through all of the stuff to find the manual for it,
which I
do have packed away. Last time I powered it up, it worked OK, but the
was kind of dim - probably the HV supply is weak. They are really great
terminals...very compact.

There once was a company located in the Portland area called Archinetix
since defunct) that built complete home automation systems based on a
Motorola 68K
CPU, running, I believe, some version of MacOS (this was in the '80's
They used the Televideo Personal Terminal as the control console for the
I first saw the terminal in use on one of these systems in a Portland
"Street of Dreams"
home. When I saw that terminal, I knew I had to have one someday. I found
in the late '80's (IIRC) and snatched it. I used it as a console terminal
for my
Tek 6130 and 4132 for a long time.

I don't remember a "Setup" mode on the terminal...for some reason, I
remember a set of dip switches (baud rate, emulation mode (I think
it could do VT-100 or Televideo proprietary), start bits, parity)
down where the serial cable plugs in (an RJ-11 jack, IIRC,
but that is a memory that is subject to lots of potential
wetware bitrot.

I wish I could be of more immediate help, but until I can start unpacking
all of this stuff, there's not much more that I can recall.

Rick Bensene
The Old Calculator Web Museum
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