Televideo Personal Terminal?

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Sun Feb 6 09:04:51 2005

At 10:20 PM 2/5/05 -0800, you wrote:
>I have one of these, but alas, it's all packed up right now, in storage,
>while we're living in a motor home while a new home is being built (which,
>is supposed
>to be finished and turned over to us next Friday!). It's going to take
>a month or so to dig through all of the stuff to find the manual for it,
>which I
>do have packed away. Last time I powered it up, it worked OK, but the
>was kind of dim - probably the HV supply is weak. They are really great
>terminals...very compact.
>There once was a company located in the Portland area called Archinetix
>since defunct) that built complete home automation systems based on a
>Motorola 68K
>CPU, running, I believe, some version of MacOS (this was in the '80's
>They used the Televideo Personal Terminal as the control console for the
>I first saw the terminal in use on one of these systems in a Portland
>"Street of Dreams"
>home. When I saw that terminal, I knew I had to have one someday. I found
>in the late '80's (IIRC) and snatched it. I used it as a console terminal
>for my
>Tek 6130 and 4132 for a long time.
>I don't remember a "Setup" mode on the terminal...for some reason, I
>remember a set of dip switches (baud rate, emulation mode (I think
>it could do VT-100 or Televideo proprietary), start bits, parity)
>down where the serial cable plugs in (an RJ-11 jack, IIRC,

   I didn't see any there but I'll look again. I did find two single
jumpers on the board but that's all. When you get your house finished and
get time to dig the terminal out, I'd like to get you to check a couple of
things for me.


>but that is a memory that is subject to lots of potential
>wetware bitrot.
>I wish I could be of more immediate help, but until I can start unpacking
>all of this stuff, there's not much more that I can recall.
>Rick Bensene
>The Old Calculator Web Museum
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