Using 3.5" HD drives on CP/M systems

From: Doc Shipley <>
Date: Sun Feb 6 02:12:00 2005

Ethan Dicks wrote:

> Sat, 05 Feb 2005 11:07:15 -0500, Herb Johnson <> wrote:
>>You mentioned HD media, the thread subject is "HD drives", so I thought
>>that was your proposed "standard". But it is more likely that 3.5" DD
>>media and drive settings will work for FM/single density/8-inch systems,
>>than HD.
> Yes, but it's really hard to find 3.5" DD media these days... ask any
> Amiga person.

   Not too bad. I troll ePay for them on and off, and have bought about
350 disks in the last year, averaging about $0.40 shipped.

> If _I_ were designing/changing floppies in modern times, I would
> certainly see about using HD media because I think they were more
> abundant, and they are still available, new, making them available
> further into the future.

   I might argue that it's easier to find viable DD 3.5" media than
viable HD media. All the new 3.5" floppies I've bought in the last
couple of years have had an atrocious failure rate.

   All kidding aside, I don't see 3.5" HD floppies being "current" for
much longer either. And since AOL started distributing CDs instead of
floppies, the damn things are expensive.

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