A new haul - questions on TA81 and TA78

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Date: Sun Feb 6 03:51:24 2005

Ok, this is what is in the TU81/TA81 tapedrive:

2 cardcages, one with 3 large boards from which one flatcable
runs to a single 3 row connector which must be the interface to
connect to (old scsi connector style).
There are no sensible markings there which tells me what it could
be, except that there are a couple of pins with speed markings
on it (300, 1200, 2400, etc).

The 2nd cardcage has 3 cards, of which one is about half the
size of the other 2. These are the drive cards as the r/w head
is connected to it.

At the front of the drive there is a small label identifying it as
'$1$mua0:' From what I remember this is a designation you have
when you are running on a vax cluster (correct me if I'm wrong).


>> Is it possible to change the TA81 into a TU81?
>> Would it only require a change of the interface controller card?
> I think you have to replace more than one card, but I'm not 100%
> certain.
>> Now the question on the TA78.
>> Edward looked into this beast for a short moment, and he noticed that
>> some flatcables come from the drive which go to a box. The flatcables
>> give the impression that those are a Pertec interface. In that case,
>> the box would be a converter between Pertec and Massbus?
> No, a TU78 master drive has a TM78 formatter that talks Massbus. The
> TA78 has a formatter that talks STI, same as the TA81. If you replace
> that formatter with a TM78, it will talk Massbus. (And then I want
> the STI formatter.)
> DEC made are no Qbus or Unibus controllers that could talk to the
> STI tape drives. I'm not aware of any third-party ones either. STI
> tape drives were used on HSC controllers (with a suitable channel
> card), or the KDM70 XMI-to-SDI/STI controller (T2022 and T2023 module),
> or the KDB50 BI-to-SDI/STI contrller (T1002 module).
>> Any tips on getting a TA81 connected to a PDP-11/44 (which has some
>> RA81/RA60 SDI drives connected to it) are very much appreciated!
> Only by replacing the formatter with the TU81 LESI formatter. (And
> if you do that, I'd like to have the TA81 formatter.)
>> The TA81 has connecting cables that *look like* SDI, but from the
>> User's Guide I understand that it is not SDI, but HSC ...?
> It's STI. Electrically compatible with SDI, but different protocol.
> Unfortunately the UDA50 will only talk to disk drives (SDI) but not
> tape drives (STI).
> I've been hoping to get some STI tape drives (TA78, TA79, TA81, etc)
> for eventual use on a PDP-10 system with an HSC50. I still need to
> get the HSC50 as well; I could trade an HSC70 for one.
> Best regards,
> Eric
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