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From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Sun Feb 6 15:42:32 2005

On 06-Feb-05 at 13:19 Computer Collector Newsletter wrote:

>>>>>> There will eventually be people wishing we'd saved all the weird IBM
>> Arno Kletzander
>> Stud. Hilfskraft Informatik Sammlung Erlangen ---
>Hmmm... now that AT&T is being acquired by SBC, does anyone have thoughts
>on what parts of their phone/computer gear is worth collecting before it's too

        It's not truly classic computing, but I've been collecting Bell System parts, pieces, and tools for years. Heck, I still have a full-blown 1A2 key telephone system operating here at the house.

        Perhaps collection efforts should be expanded to include such things, for those so inclined to the world of pre-breakup Bell System technology? After all, the Bell System used an awful lot of Teletype machines in the early days of data communications.

        Maybe old phone collectors and computer collectors have more in common than once thought.

        Keep the peace(es).

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