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Date: Sun Feb 6 15:51:13 2005

>>>> Maybe old phone collectors and computer collectors have more in common
once thought.

I strongly agree. Just a couple of weeks ago I said on this list that it
always makes me laugh when collectors of computers, phones, slide rules,
calculators, radios, etc. say that all those OTHER people are crazy -- when
we're all doing the exact same thing, just with different brands and

But in 20 years from now, will collectible items from do-it-all companies like
AT&T and IBM be the norm? Look at technologies like VoIP and smartphones --
are they for computer collectors or phone collectors? How about the 1990s
electronic word processors -- are they for computer collectors or typewriter
collectors? The same thing goes for wristwatches, MP3 players, etc. -- as
everything around us becomes more "computerized" the lines of collecting
circles will become fuzzy.

--- Bruce Lane <> wrote:

> On 06-Feb-05 at 13:19 Computer Collector Newsletter wrote:
> >>>>>> There will eventually be people wishing we'd saved all the weird IBM
> >stuff.
> >
> >> Arno Kletzander
> >> Stud. Hilfskraft Informatik Sammlung Erlangen ---
> >
> >
> >Hmmm... now that AT&T is being acquired by SBC, does anyone have thoughts
> >on what parts of their phone/computer gear is worth collecting before it's
> too
> >late?
> It's not truly classic computing, but I've been collecting Bell System
> parts, pieces, and tools for years. Heck, I still have a full-blown 1A2 key
> telephone system operating here at the house.
> Perhaps collection efforts should be expanded to include such things, for
> those so inclined to the world of pre-breakup Bell System technology? After
> all, the Bell System used an awful lot of Teletype machines in the early days
> of data communications.
> Maybe old phone collectors and computer collectors have more in common than
> once thought.
> Keep the peace(es).
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