It's been an 11/45 weekend

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Sun Feb 6 22:35:58 2005

Jay writes about his PDP-11/45:
> Just looking at the ME11-L, it looks
> (to my very uninformed eye) like it's got traces specific to the core set
> and no wirewrapping so I'm guessing I can't use that. I'm not sure I want
> to destroy the ME11 backplane anyways even if I could, I'd prefer to get
> it working with 8K core,

I don't know anything about an ME11, having never heard of it.

If you want high performance from your 11/45, you want Fastbus memory.
Choices are the MS11-BC MOS memory control (M8110) and MS11-BP 4K MOS
memory modules (G401-YA), or the MS11-CC bipolar memory control (M8120)
and MS11-AP 4K bipolar memory modules (M8121-YA), MS11-CP 1K bipolar
memory modules (M8111-YA), or MS11-C 1K non-parity bipolar memory
modules (M8111). Each control module can handle four memory modules,
so you can have up to 32 Kwords of Fastbus memory. Be forewarned that
if you add any Fastbus memory to your system, you have to install
additional power supply regulators. It's documented in the maintenance

For Unibus memory, I'd recommend an MS11-LD (M7891-Dx), which is a
128 Kword MOS memory, which is sufficient to fill the entire address
space of the 11/45. This also was available partially populated to 32K,
64K, or 96K words, but I've never seen those. In the past it has been
relatively easy to find M7891 modules.

Common Unibus core memory systems include the 16 Kword MF11-U, which is
a 9-slot system unit, and can be expaned to 32 Kwords by adding an MM11-U
expansion option. The base MF11-U contains a G114, G235, H217D, and M8293.
The MM11-U includes a G114, G235, and H217D. The parity versions (-UP
suffix) use an H217C core stack in place of the H217D, and adds an M7259
module to the base system unit.

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