Microvax 3100 95 on ebay Buy-it-Now for $80+$35

From: Doc Shipley <doc_at_mdrconsult.com>
Date: Mon Feb 7 05:50:05 2005

Zane H. Healy wrote:

>> He's also got some DECServer 'tape units' for WayTooMuchMoney(tm) -
>> same thing - lots of cables, no HDs.
> Geez, this guy is a sleazebag! He's got a couple SunPCI II cards I'd be
> interested in, only one problem, he's selling the RAM for them
> separately. Overall, it looks like he normally guts systems and just
> sells the parts.

   Grab one anyhow. Those things take rock-stock PC100 SODIMMs, which
are usually cheaper *off* the SunPCi board.

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