Microvax 3100 95 on ebay Buy-it-Now for $80+$35

From: Doc Shipley <doc_at_mdrconsult.com>
Date: Mon Feb 7 06:58:51 2005

John Lawson wrote:

> And for two - the last four of these I got at WierdStuff and Mike
> Quinn's - cost me about $20 each - the MQ one was upside-down in a pile
> of beige PCs and was $5... and they all had drives and OSes - including
> the CDROM and 4MM tape drive installed in one - it also had the DEC
> RGB/Mouse/Kybd cable on it... these units are common as dirt and I know
> folks with (literally) stacks of them. I imagine if you ask the List -
> you might get one for El Cheapo...

   If you're getting Model 95 MV3100s for $20 you could be making a
fortune off eBay. I think you're thinking of the M10, M20, and M30
units that *are* common as dirt, about as cheap as dirt, and about 1/4
as fast as the M95, with half the memory capacity.

   Since I have drive sleds, a couple of tape drives, and more 4GB disks
than I can count, this was a very nice grab.

   And if anybody on the list does have an M90, M95, M95A, etc, I know
somebody who'll gladly pay what I just paid for another one.

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