Mostek qbus memory modules

From: Pierre Gebhardt <>
Date: Mon Feb 7 10:29:07 2005

Hi all,

is anybody familiar with the behaviour of the green LED on Mostek memory modules ?
Two of these (model Mk8022, 256kb I believe) are housed in my PDP 11/23 which finaly works.
The system boots RSX-11M, so the memory seems to work. The green LED, which is placed on each board doesn't lit up.

The qbus (and some unibus) memory modules I know have a green LED which stands for working order, when lit up.
That's why I 'm a bit confused....

By the way, does anybody know the DIP switch configuration of the Mostek modules ? It's just a switch block of 10 jumpers, if I remember well.
Thanks for any hints.

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