Replacements for ST-406/ST-512 drives

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Tue Feb 8 00:03:07 2005

> On Mon, 7 Feb 2005, Scott Stevens wrote:
> > You, of course, need to be able to get the drive physically attached to
> > a Linux/whatnot system with the dd command available. This might not
> > work in many instances with ST-506 or proprietary controllers. Works
> > great with SCSI though.
> As far as I know, Linux can handle MFM drives.

You probanly mean ST506-interfaced. MFM is an encoding scheme for the
data on the drive, as I've said before it would be perfectly correct to
talk about a SCSI MFM drive, al;though few people would (Since the data
is encoded/decoded inside the drive in that case, you only care about the
encoding scheme if you have to fix the thing!)

Linux certainly supports the PC/AT ST506 controller (it supports IDE,
which is much the same thing to software). I think it also supports the
PC/XT ST506 controller (or it certainly used to).

There are plenty more ST506 controllers out there that are
format-incompatible with those. I'd love to see a standard PC controller
with _any_ software make sense of a PERQ 2T2 hard drive (this thing has,
for example, 4 words of filesystem info in the sector headers)

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