kinda sorta maybe OT: Nixie tube display wristwatch

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Mon Feb 7 23:58:30 2005

> >It's cool and all, but the article says the Nixie tubes were stripped
> >from an H-P DVM. I'm an old test-gear collector, and I'd hate for this
> >kind of thing to kick off a frenzy of people making 'novelty' items by
> >destroying old test equipment.
> >
> >
> Well in most cases the test equipment is broken or very outdated.

Doesn't that also apply to the conputers we all love?

Broken test equiment can be _repaired_ (this seems to be an alien concept
these days). And it can nearly always be made to meet the spec it was
designed to meet. Now, admittedly you can probalby get modern stuff which
is better, but can _you_ afford it. Given the choice between a good DVM
of the 1960s and a modern el-cheapo DVM, I'd know which I'd pick for my

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