Ira Goldklang:

From: tim lindner <>
Date: Tue Feb 8 01:15:36 2005

I am reposting his situation here in case anyone can help.


>From the site:-

 N E W S

February 7, 2005
I have been receiving some emails about downloading difficulties. Please
allow me to shed some light ...

First off, as loyal site visitors know, paper downloads (downloads of
books, software manuals, hardware manuals, catalogs, newsletters, etc.)
were down for December and most of January due to 1 individual who
leeched so much information, that the Celebrity Direct host went down,
and they were the sole host of the books and manuals.

During the 2 months of down time, 3 sets of promises to write scripts,
and 2 sets of promises to host, all came in, but went unfulfilled. Then,
on one day, two additional host offers came in, to bring the count up to
3 mirrors.

The site uses scripts for downloading for one purpose --- to allocate
across multiple mirrors. This way, demands for files are randomly
allocated, and each host receives only 1/3 of the demand. This is
intended to prevent host loss.

Despite having three hosts, and only 1/3 the bandwidth allocated to
each, I got these all rougly at the same time (between February 4th and
7th) ...

Celebrity Direct Mirror:

In his explanation as to why this mirror is now dead, 7 days after it
came back online, I received the following:

IP that resolves to -- approx 13 gig in January. - approx. 9 gig - approx 9 gig - 6 gig in a day - 3 gig here in a day over 3-4 days - 309 Hits on the server in one day - 237 hits on the server

Since this usage was so vulgar, his ISP actually called him. Not emailed
--- called. This long-standing loyal mirror is now dead, regardless of
what the future holds.

EZ WEB Mirror:

In his explanation as to why this mirror is now cut off, 7 days after it
came online, I received the following:

During the past five days I've noticed a bit over 2 Gig of transit per
day. The site has used its monthly allocated bandwidth in the first 5
days of the month.

I have asked for more specific information as to the culprits, which I
will post here, but regardless of whether that shows up, there goes # 2.

BlueWin.CH Mirror:

In his explanation as to why this mirror is offline, 7 days after it
came online, I received the following:

Unfortunately I do block the site until I can find this "good guy (AEMcom S.r.l.)" provide very hard attacks.

3 mirrors killed in 7 days. On top of this, this was a randomly
allocated split bandwidth, so anything you read, above, was at least
triple what it says.

Needless to say, this is turning from a fun hobby to something which is
far more work than it needs to be, and far more costly than it should,
so changes are now required.

After reviewing the situation I have decided the following:
a) If anyone out there will write custom download scripts for the site,
and who will actually do it in a timely fashion, please email me.
b) If anyone out there will provide 15GB of web accessable storage with
a maximum bandwidth cap of no less than 60GB per month, please email me.
Either will help return the paper downloads.

Until this happens (and possibly both), please assume paper downloads
are offline permanently, and that this site is resuming its old way of
serving software only.

tim lindner
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